Born in June 11 1960 in Cleveland, Ohio, Mehmet Cengiz Oz also called Dr. Oz is a Turkish American cardiothoracic surgeon. Dr. Oz is a an alumni of Harvard University where he obtained his undergraduate degree before proceeding to the University of Pennsylvania school of medicine for his MD and the Wharton Business School for his MBA. Today Dr. Oz holds several positions in the medicine industry and membership in nearly all major professional societies of heart surgeons. He is a professor of surgery at Colombia University and also the Vice-Chairman in the same university.

dr-ozDr. Oz managed to receive worldwide attention through his much-televised show, Dr. Oz show. A show that went ahead to win daytime awards for three years. He has authored more than 400 original publications in form of journals, books, and periodicals. He also featured in five seasons of the possible episodes of Oprah Winfrey shows.

Dr. Oz came out with a separate form of wellness system, which he called Alternate Health System. Under this system, he recommends a number of plans including a weight loss plan purposely for people who are looking for means of shedding that excess fat in their body. From this plan, he has come out with a number of weight loss supplements which he has tried, tested and prove that they are extremely effective. His list of weight loss supplements include the following:

  1. HCG Duet supplements
  2. Garcinia Cambodia 
  3. Green coffee Bean Extract Supplement
  4. Multivitamin Mineral Tablet Supplements
  5. Vitamin D and Calcium Supplement
  6. Raspberry ketone

Out of this list, Dr. Oz lists out three supplements that are extremely effective in weight loss when compared to the other supplements. In his recommendations, he explains that he came out with these results based on real tests conducted in his lab with people who were following the weight loss diet program with these three-weight loss supplements and also the factors that enable them to be helpful in achieving success when it comes to weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia

garciniaThis fruit looks like a small pumpkin and is native to India and Indonesia. Its common name is the Tamarind. For thousands of years, men have planted this fruit due to its healthy gains. However, all this time, nobody had the idea of another aspect of this fruit. Medical advances has gone a notch higher and found out that when you extract gracinia cambogia from the rind of the fruit, it acts as a natural weight loss supplement. 

Working principle 

The active component in tamarind is Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). This component is clinically proved to help in weight loss by reducing the body’s ability of form adipose (fatty) tissue when you overeat. It does this by restricting the release of an enzyme called Citrate Lyase, which helps the body convert fats from glucose. Another way that this component helps in weight loss is by suppressing appetite level. It achieves this by increasing the levels of serotonin in the body. This is a neuro-transmitter found in the brain. It provides the feeling of fullness whenever you have consumed just a small portion of the supplement.

HCG diet supplement

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin also called HCG is a kind of enzyme produced in the body of pregnant women. This enzyme plays two main roles in achieving weight loss. The first one is the fact that it has the capabilities of suppressing the appetite of the user. The second one is that it has the capabilities of separating the abnormal fat in the body from the structural fat and the normal fat. Abnormal fats are the ones found in overweight people. This enzyme is usually provided to people via a HCG injection.

Raspberry ketone

These compounds give the red raspberries their sweet aroma. They are usually extracted from the fruit and sold in the form of a dietary supplement. Research has gone ahead to prove that paired together with regular exercise and a balanced diet of healthy and whole foods, Raspberry ketone can help ensure that your efforts in losing weight bears fruit. Raspberry ketone regulates the amount of adiponectin in the body. This is a type of compound used by the body to regulate body metabolism. Its major role in the body is ensuring that the fats found within your cells are broken down more effectively. The recommended dose for these supplements is 100mg daily.

However, it is important to note that after going through a series of customer reviews, testimonials and looking at consumer rates of purchase of these supplements, Garcinia Cambogia has come out as the most popular. This is due to its high rate of success and the name it has already established amongst the consumers.